Good Bye (for five days)

What the title says... I will be back in five days, as the title says. No internet, no phone.  Once again, I will start writing once I get back.
Siggy Figgy

Pantheon Rome- built in Lego

I don't know what to say, because he didn't write a very long description. I'll just put up the picture, here is a link to his Mocpages profile. This is actually an unfinfished version, The finished version will have a dome built around the back.

To Infinity and Beyond!!!

A long awaited creation. I started this "project" a couple months ago and just recently finished building it, because I had to by a ton of black bricks to finish the walls. This first image was taken a while ago, and has a ton of glare, the other photos don't have as much glare, but they still do. I saw Toy Story 3 and it was a GREAT movie. When I saw it, this was already built but it forced me to take the pictures. The pictures didn't come out as good as I thought they would, but oh well. Another thing is when MOCpages resizes the images they start losing a lot of quality, and my pictures are about 10 megapixals, so They start degrading. I took a few good shots, but some not as good as others. But Flickr can actually handle these photos, but I lost count of which ones I uploaded. The width is 16 and 1/2 inches and the height 8 inches.

This one came out pretty good, not as good as the he's back thing.

To get that shine, I had to get one of my lamps and place it behind the set. But it shined through the bricks also.


That one came out really good, then I put it into Gimp and blurred it a little.

I thought this one would turn out to be totally epic, but it looks pretty bad.

I don't know what happened here, but it looks totally awesome.


Thanks for checking it out, leave a comment here, on flickr, or on Mocpages, if you like it.

STACY! My love.

For some reason it is impossible to make a brickfilm over 30 seconds, now I have tons of respect for all of the people that make 8 minute stop motions.

Stuff pt. 2

Not much has been happening on the online Lego community lately. It seems that the only exciting thing that has happened is BrickWorld. There haven't been any appealing creations either. Me and my friend made a little lego movie and it will be on my YouTube soon, it is probably one of the worst brickfilms you will ever see. For  now the video can be viewed no where sadly because the host I had it on didn't seem to be working.


    I am deciding to write one big post instead of several. There will be several creations. Here we go.

Some German named building. You should check out his profile by clicking on the picture.

01 - Goudse Stroopwafel Shop
Compared to...

05 - Goudse Stroopwafel Shop - newspaper clipping

Looks pretty big, but it will be like $70. Not a big fan of Star Wars either. 10212 Imperial Shuttle

Titolian. I think I have written about one of his creations before. I can't remember but this robot is cool.

"Life. Don't Talk to me About Life."

On to Mocpages. I haven't signed in there in a while and I have never blogged anything on Mocpages.

It's just funny. I think she/he (sorry) has a whole series going. Made by Leda Kat.

For a contest over on EuroBricks. And let me say, this is epic.
And finally new Brickarms. I have been waiting for these to be released ever since Brickfair '09. I couldn't get the pictures because they just come up as one small picture, the full grid can be viewed on their website
And thats all that I could seem to find with out reblogging a creation from another blog. The first tutorial should be up soon if I have the time or feel like writing it. If you want to request a specific tutorial just ask in the comments.


Sorry, no blog posts for a whole week! I wish where I am going had an internet connection, so sorry. But I promise when I get back to write as many posts as I can to catch up on what I missed.

New Brickfilm

Sort of a test, sort of for fun, just because.

Several new Lego sets in 2010.

New Architecture set is available, The White House. I have The Empire State Building, they are definitely worth buying, even though they are a little bit pricey. I still want some (all) of the collectible minifigures.

Via, Microbricks.

MOC-off entry: Draw

Just a basic western draw.




Whole thing

The rest of the photos can be found on my Mocpages account. For some reason Mocpages can't handle full 10 megapixel photos, I guess I will have to start resizing them.

Luse's visitors


JD Luse has built a post-apoc creation with some pretty scary figs and accessories (photo can be found here). I like the 1x6 tiles to add texture and detail to the edges. Very nice detail added to the ground and the building. The moc can be found on his Mocpages and his flickr.

Interesting Military Bunker

Assualt on Bunker TK-427

Really big, awesome military bunker with a nice beach and a fanstastic mech. You can tell he put lots of work into it here. Take a look by the mech's foot, and you can see the stem tipped over, the mech also has a neat ammo belt on his back. Five stars go to Aaron (-_-) for this wonderful creation.