What MOCs Should Be brought to BrickFair?

This a personal video asking for your help deciding which creations to Bring To Brickfair 2010.

Brickfair 2010

A few hours ago I registered for BrickFair '10. It is in Washington DC. If your going to register tomorrow is the today is the last day to register, but sadly you won't get a nametag. I plan to make a 3 day journal of the event happening. More about this tommorow. http://www.brickfair.com is the official website. There is a 52 dollar registration [MUST be in by today [friday 24] You could Also wait in line for an hour or so like I did last year and get a free registration. [I believe, not sure]. You will miss out on some events, but you'll still have a total blast. Visit http://www.brickfair.com for further information.

Ancient Ladies Museum

Ancient Lady's Museum #02

Ancient Lady's Museum #01

Ancient Lady's Museum #05

Ancient Lady's Museum #07

Gazing, Finally found something worth blogging! Thanks so much Marcos Bessa! Love the interior design, on flickr I favorited every photo, you should too! Add comments below...

Modified Cafe Corner Under Construction!


Legoland Embassy
Click the picture to see who made it, The color scheme of the roof kind of annoys me, but that is probably because it is under construction. The crane is actually his own model not the set (7905) He did a great job of making it look under construction as well.


Stranger than fishin' by Zach MG.

Overall great film by ZachMG. Animation was good planning was good voicing was good editing was good. you get the point. it was a great film. This is also the first film with actual embed code here. Plan to see many more!

Well, more vacation.

But, I actually can post! Because I have an iPad and am typing it from it this very moment. I got an app that allows me to write straight to the site. I have been searching around and have found some pretty good websites about stop motion. I am thinking about creating a whole page devoted to stop motion. If you think that is or isn't a good idea feel free to say so in the comments. The bad thing about those app is that i can't add other peoples photos from flickr and mocpages and stuff. And for some reason it is really hard to find a good MOC built by someone not too popular that hasn't been recognized. Now that i think about it i will add a submit a creation form into the contact page.

My iPad home screen.

New Harry Potter Lego Sets Soon to be Available in fall 2010

The title says it all.
Hogwarts - Fall 2010

Hagrid´s Hut - Fall 2010
You have probably seen the open and built pics from ToyFair '09, but these are much moreprofessionaland give you a much better idea of what the sets are going to be like. I got an iPad and am going to write my posts from that now on (YAY!). And I am in the process of animating 'Followed' Name will be changed though. I'll put some production pics up later.