BrickMagic 2010

     I got back yesterday from one of the most fun and exciting things in my life, BrickMagic, a Lego festival for Lego enthusiasts. It was truly amazing. Comparing it with DC's Lego convention, Brickfair it was about half the size. But, BrickMagic had wonderful workshops and presentations. Brickfair had about twice as many people and it had about twice as many MOCs and vendors, but it didn't have workshops (at least that I know of). BrickMagic also had a special guest, Nathan Sawaya, The Brick Artist, he was a absolutely fantastic speaker. His pieces of art (they were so good I wouldn't even call them a creation) were amazing too. And all he uses is square and rectangular bricks. Other builders that were there include, Joe Meno (editor of BrickJournal), Jordan Schwartz (aka Sir Nadroj), Mathew Hocker, and Kaminoan. Some of the vendors that were there are Here are some pictures of the event.
 Opening Banner
Sawaya and his art



Congrats to the 1st place winner of the car race ages 9-10
Congratulations to the 1st place winner ages 11-16
A glimpse of one of the towns.

 A house by Matthew Hocker
 Everyone that participated (by bringing a MOC or being a vendor) got one 
of the upcoming collectible minifigs.
A glimpse of the larger city.
The Womping Willow
A boat from a very large WW2 dio.

 That was pretty much everything. I learned how to make stop motion animations, or Brickfilms in a workshop class. I created one and it should come up in my next post along with a huge WIP.


Anonymous said...

How special is that to get to see all that amazing stuff. I have one anything above created by you?

Parker said...

I like that Womping Willow. I wish I went... :'( I want some of those collectable minifigs BADLY!

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