BrickFair 2010 Loot

BRICKFAIR 2010 LOOT While most pre-teens and teens spent most of their money at the BrickArms table, I spent it on larger stuff (the sets) And I got several rare harry potter (and other minifig) heads and torsos for a buck each. OTHER ITEMS PURCHASED- Running of the Bulls- Green Grocer Grand Emporium Toy Story 3 dump truck (stuff was half off because of slightly damaged boxes (it was at midnight) Vendors- Minifigs (FLESH SIGFIG!) BRickarms- I got like four guns... BrickForge- All of it was free (exhibitors get a coupon and I got lucky) Yard Sale- Got most of my bulk lego here.... Cheap too. Yes, thats me in the collage. If I missed anything tell me. Got any questions? Ask me. Me and My stuff BrickFair 2010 Loot Shirt and 2nd exo-force Prince of Persia set Emporium Grocer and Toy Story Arthur Gugick Independance Hall BrickFair Cola Bulk Lego (sets and bricks) You can view larger size photos on my flickr.

I have decided.

I know, I know, this is really late, but I have pretty busy lately. I wanted this to be much much longer but I couldn't seem to make it longer. Please enjoy.