Vietnamese Pagoda

Vietnamese Pagoda

A fantastic little Vietnamese building buit by Guy. It includes, a nice roof, nice landscaping, nice window technique, and is built on a fantastic little pond.

CX 300 Iron Flame

The CX 300 Iron Flame

Legolord builds a great spacecraft. I personally like the whole shape, and the hanger it was presented in caught my eye as well.

Micro Tank

Murakumo v03 Tank

A very nice tank built by Fredoichi uses some great greebling and fantastic usage of minifig and other parts.

By the way, this our first official blog post on The Bricky Blog.

What to expect

There is going to be a variety of stuff that will happen in this blog, some of these things include;  
   •New/old interesting MOCs
   •Set reviews (every now and then)
   •latest LEGO news (attempts...)
   •And more!