Great Animations/stop motions

Here are some great videos that I found while surfing the net today. They're pretty long, but they're worth watching. So, sit back turn up the volume and watch.
You might also want to check out it has other recent videos and such.

Currently under construction due to domain change

Pretty much what the title says, I have to redo all the links and stuff like that, site should be completely fixed by Monday.

Edits and Updates

     Well, I haven't been very active on any sites lately (except for that small post about twitter). In the next few weeks I hope to have at least one how to tutorial written. Also, I have been building a massive MOC that requires all of my black plus a Bricklink order of 1000 pieces.
Last night I also created a pdf file and coded a small 'Help' page (see menu bar). A new plan appeared in my head during class today. From now on I am not only going to blog the photos on this site, but I am going to use the Photoblog It option in StumbleUpon. I have heard about the news of nnen on The Brothers Brick and Brickspace. What a sad loss. Oh and I almost forgot, I tried to find all of these but anywhere you see we, please ignore it.

NEW! The Bricky Blog is now on Twitter

Yes, I joined twitter. I will give updated links about when this site is being updated, new ideas happen, and more. Later today the 'Subscribe and Follow' tool in the sidebar edited. The link will be removed and the twitter link will be added. For now, here is the link.

Summer in the past...

Summerfell 10

                        Fantastic landscaping and an amazing castle, nice pond too.

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