Brickfair 2010

A few hours ago I registered for BrickFair '10. It is in Washington DC. If your going to register tomorrow is the today is the last day to register, but sadly you won't get a nametag. I plan to make a 3 day journal of the event happening. More about this tommorow. is the official website. There is a 52 dollar registration [MUST be in by today [friday 24] You could Also wait in line for an hour or so like I did last year and get a free registration. [I believe, not sure]. You will miss out on some events, but you'll still have a total blast. Visit for further information.

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BrickFair said...

Todd here from BrickFair. BrickFair's FULL registration does not end - you may walk up and register ($50).

Public entrance (for only a few hours, looking-no-touching, cannot bring MOCs) is $10 on Saturday or Sundsy.

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